Monday, November 23, 2009

Raving Thyroid

In the last two months, I've gained twenty pounds and started to have an eerie resemblance to the Michelin Man. This is not because I'm eating Snickers bars for every meal or because I've stopped working out. It's because my thyroid levels are severely imbalanced. It began because my body was healing rapidly, which meant I was on far too high a dosage of thyroid medication.

What happens when one hyperthyroidic, even due to over-medication? I'll spare you a long list of physical symptoms and will simply say that absolutely everything is affected. Mood, weight, energy level, sex drive, ability to deal with stress, hunger level, irritability, etc., etc., etc. In a word, hyperthyroidism is HELL on earth. (And I don't use that term lightly. I promise.) For six weeks I was trapped with a personality I didn't recognize. I was, to be quite honest, really mean and extremely irritable. Other people noticed. Those who love me were willing to forgive me; those who didn't took offense and became as much a stranger to me as I was to myself. Some of those relationships have been healed. Others could not be.

Once we realized my medication levels were far too high, my doctor and I worked together to find a lower dose that worked. It took a while, but I eventually enjoyed one beautiful week where I was myself again. No nasty temper, no irritability, same sense of humor, same loving outlook, and same joy I'd always known. This was short-lived, because the medication I was on was under attack by the FDA and was no longer available. I was able to find a replacement, but the formula is not the same. This resulted in having far too little medication. I therefore went from being severely hyperthyroidic to being severely hypothyroidic within the span of a few short weeks.

What I'm experiencing now can't even be described with the word "exhaustion," because it includes an energy void physically, mentally and emotionally. The one good thing that resulted from this is that my patience in traffic is greatly improved because I even drive slower than normal. In addition to that, my heart beat has dropped more than 30 beats per minute, I could sleep 24 hours a day and still be tired, I have overwhelming brain fog, and my body is not digesting the food I eat. This is because hypothyroidism has substantially slowed everything in my body, including circulation, digestion, nerve conductivity, metabolism, etc. I should add that the one thing that has not slowed down is weight gain, resulting in my current resemblance to the Michelin Man. I'm currently waiting on test results to find out how we can adjust my meds to get things back in balance. Unfortunately, in spite of using many natural remedies to help my thyroid gland continue healing itself, this is one case where a prescription med is required. Having to wait for my MD to make that decision is tough, but necessary.

I share this partially so that you'll understand why I've been out of sight lately and so that those who see me will understand why I'm so huge. I also share this as an encouragement to others. Thyroid issues affect every aspect of your life. If you suspect your thyroid levels are imbalanced, please get your blood levels of TSH, T3 and T4 checked immediately. You'll be amazed at the changes you'll feel once you get things back in balance. If you'd like help and advice on balancing your thyroid levels naturally, please feel free to contact me.

Until then, I'm off to try on more tents. Have a blessed night!

Why Bigger Isn't Better

I confess that I’ve now started this Thanksgiving blog post five or six times and then deleted what I'd written. I had lofty goals of writing a beautiful tribute to everything for which I'm thankful. (And let me say that I am not thankful for that silly rule about never ending a sentence with a preposition.) What I wound up with sounded either insipid and saccharine-y (and we all know my position on artificial sweeteners), or came across sounding oddly ungrateful. So, instead of being “normal” and writing a glowing homage to the many blessings that overflow in my life, I thought I’d write instead about why we should be thankful for the tiny things we often overlook. The end result is a list of questions related to situations I often hear people complain about. I'm sure none of you can relate to any of those situations (because you're far too  noble), so feel free to share this post with someone who can.

Do you find it difficult to be thankful and give thanks for your daily to do list? Stop for a moment and give thanks that you even have a to do list. Many in this country no longer have a to do list because they were laid off or their company went under. Give thanks that you're overly busy, even if you hate your job. At least you have one.

Are you frustrated by your domestic duties and that no one else in the house helps? (Every mom knows what I'm talking about.) Be thankful you have a roof overhead requiring such chores. Then take a drive downtown and pay careful attention to the expressions on the faces of those standing outside missions waiting to get a bed. There are many who would love to have a place to call their own and to know where they’re going to sleep every night. Cleaning their own toilet would be a blessing to them.

Are you tired of the old tile and wallpaper in your bathroom? Give thanks that you have indoor plumbing. I’m serious about this one. When we lived in Mexico, we didn’t have indoor plumbing for a while. Every flush is a blessing to me now. If you're fed up because your kids used all the hot water, stop and be sincerely thankful that you have hot water. Again, I speak from personal experience. I’ve lived in two different countries where we didn’t have hot water. Cold showers suck in any language.

Are you feeling frustrated because a clerk or server or teacher isn’t being nice or treating you with respect? Give thanks that you’re not dealing with the pain that person is. There’s a reason they are so nasty. Be thankful you’re not carrying their burdens, then go out of your way to be nice to them. Big tips make a huge difference. Some day they'll appreciate your kindness.

Frustrated because your job or relationship is too confining? Be thankful you’re not in prison.

Frustrated by traffic and people who drive 10 miles under the speed limit? Me too. Get over it.

In all seriousness, stop taking the easy way out and giving thanks for the "big" blessings in your life. Start making an effort to notice and be sincerely grateful for the little blessings that abound in your life. Then make a conscious choice to be aware of them on a continual basis. You’ll soon find more blessings in your life than you thought possible. I dare you. Try it.

This post was written in support of the Epic Change organization. Please click here:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Finding Physical Healing through Emotional Peace

As I travel down my personal healing road, I keep finding that much of my healing depends on my emotional state. I can see this very clearly on a daily basis. I also know that much of my cravings and desires to feed my mouth when my stomach isn't hungry are based on buried emotional issues and not on true physical needs. Addressing buried or unaddressed emotions can be very painful, but is necessary if we are to achieve true peace and healing on every level.

I've written before about the emotional detox that comes with transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, but it's a subject I think deserves much more attention. Please note that emotional detox can occur with any change that stimulates the body to heal. You cannot heal the body without affecting the mind. I choose to face my buried emotions head-on, deal with them, and put them completely behind me rather than allow them to continue festering under the surface. We can bury garbage to get it out of our sight, but it will still stink. Why not expose it and eliminate it?

I can attest that as I made huge changes to my dietary habits and moved to eating organic, whole foods, I experienced a period where buried emotions came to the surface. I had to learn to deal with them very quickly. In addition to prayer, talking to friends, etc., I used a technique called EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique. This technique uses a gentle tapping on different emotional trigger centers (psycho-acupressure points) of the body to help release pent-up emotions. You can read about it and learn how to use it for free at:

The bottom line is that we each need to find a technique for acknowledging, addressing and releasing buried negativity and harmful emotions. Emotions such as bitterness, resentment, jealousy, anger and many others sap the peace and joy from our lives, relationships, spiritual walk, and our physical health. We MUST find a way to work through these emotions and to finally let go of them. For more info on techniques that can be used to help address emotional issues, please read my post on hypnosis, Dispelling the Myths of Hypnosis. If gratitude is an issue, please read this post that focuses on maintaining awareness of little blessings: Why Bigger Isn't Better.

Unfortunately, Western medicine tends to discount emotions when it comes to healing, in spite of multiple studies that proved a positive and hopeful mental outlook directly affects survival rates in terminal illnesses. It has also been proven that negative emotions raise blood pressure and blood sugar, alter hormonal balance, and make our body chemistry very acidic, which ultimately leads to inflammation and cell death. There is actually a physician in Germany (Dr. Hammer) who is using emotional release techniques to heal different cancers. Other physicians and practitioners have connected different physical ailments to specific negative emotions. We cannot separate body, mind and spirit. Each component of the wellness tripod directly affects the others. We must acknowledge that connection and address problems in our spiritual and emotional health if we wish to achieve perfect physical healing.

The following books contain techniques for releasing buried emotions and thought patterns interfering with daily life: 

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die: This author uses a unique technique to release emotions. She also has a great index of the emotions that can cause a variety of physical ailments, diseases and conditions. It's very interesting and enlightening. This is one of my favorite books.

Love Now, Here's How: 26 Roadblocks to Healthy Relationships and How to Clear Them: Phyllis Light walks through 26 roadblocks that can hamper any relationship. Although her focus is on love relationships, these roadblocks can interfere with ANY relationship, including those with friends, co-workers, children, parents, relatives, etc. It took a lot of courage and honesty to read through each roadblock and admit to the ones that I deal with. Sometimes the simple act of recognizing an issue allows one to address and release it very quickly.

I highly recommend both books to anyone seeking spiritual and emotional peace as a means of achieving physical healing, growing closer to God, or healing relationships with others. Let's face it: physical, spiritual and emotional health cannot be separated!

Love to all! Thanks for being the awesome people you were designed to be!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Using Green Smoothies to Control Blood Sugars

This blog post will soon appear as the final post in my guest blog series on Tami Groth's Green Smoothie Blog. My thanks go out to Tami for inviting me to share information on her blog!!


Hello, again! This is Pamela Reilly again. I want to again thank Tami so much for inviting me to be a guest poster on her blog. Thanks, Tami! Today I want to follow-up on my post about the factors that separate a raw diabetic from other raw foodists with a post about foods and herbs that are traditionally known for helping control and lower blood sugars. I’ve included herbs because one of my favorite things about smoothies is that you can easily add herbs to them and never even know they’re there! Although this post is aimed primarily at diabetics, anyone can benefit from including these foods in your diet, as eating them can give your pancreas a rest and help keep it healthy. There is also some evidence that these foods can possibly help prevent the occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes. Each of these herbs and foods contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that anyone’s body will thank them for eating.

Note: This information is being shared purely for educational purposes. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this information is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Use these foods with caution if you have Diabetes and do not make any major dietary changes without first consulting your healthcare practitioner.

Enough of the legal mumbo jumbo … let's get to it! Many of the foods and herbs that I’ll be discussing are useful for controlling blood sugars because they contain high amounts of the following natural elements:
  • Acetic Acid: Found in vinegars, lemon and lime juices. Acetic acid slows down the digestion of food by neutralizing some digestive enzymes. This serves to delay the blood sugar raising effects of carbohydrates. I recommend using only small amounts of foods containing acetic acid, as you don’t want to “kill off” too many of your digestive enzymes during a meal.
  • Chromium: Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and fats; also helps the body utilize insulin. An added benefit of Chromium is that it has been shown to help with weight loss, and many people develop diabetes as a result of being. I currently use Chromium to help lower elevated blood sugars and can personally attest to its effectiveness. I’d much rather pop a couple of Chromium capsules (200 mg) than take a shot!
  • Insulin Imitators (aka “Mimetics”): Several of the foods shown below are known as “insulin imitators” because the body uses them just like it does insulin. In other words, their action mimics what insulin does in the body.
  • Magnesium: The body uses Magnesium to regulate blood sugar levels. It also helps the cells of the body utilize insulin, which can lower insulin resistance. Some studies have shown that Type 2 diabetics typically have low Magnesium levels. (Other studies have shown that 70% of the US population is deficient in Magnesium, so those Type 2’s have plenty of company!)
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Help the body metabolize glucose and also increase insulin sensitivity.
  • Zinc: Essential for the body to produce and store insulin. Some studies have shown that Type 2 diabetics typically have low Zinc levels.

The following foods and herbs have a reputation for lowering or helping control glucose levels and/or for supporting the pancreas:

  • Aloe Vera Juice: Contains high levels of compounds called Glyconutrients, which the body uses for healing. Glyconutrients have been shown to be helpful for a wide variety of health issues, but are known for being especially helpful for Diabetes. You can either use the interior gel from a fresh Aloe Vera leaf or can purchase Aloe Vera Juice in bottles. When purchasing Aloe Vera Juice, be careful to purchase one that does not contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. Be vigilant to avoid any containing artificial preservatives.
  • Avocado: Increases insulin sensitivity and contains insulin imitators. The healthy fats in an Avocado also help delay the body’s absorption of glucose. I add an Avocado to every smoothie I make because it makes smoothies really creamy.
  • Cinnamon and Coriander: Are insulin imitators, increase insulin sensitivity, and work in combination with insulin to improve its effectiveness. Cinnamon has also been shown to help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. So pour it on!
  • Fenugreek: Helps delay the absorption of glucose by the body and also increases insulin sensitivity. The best way to get a healthy dose of Fenugreek is to sprout the seeds and use the sprouts in smoothies.
  • Flax and Hemp Seeds: Very high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and in fiber, which slows the body’s absorption of glucose.
  • Ginger: Increases insulin sensitivity.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre: An Ayurvedic (Indian) herb that is wonderful for Diabetes. It is an insulin imitator. More importantly, Gymnema has been shown to actually help the body regenerate the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Gymnema typically needs to be taken at least three months before beta cell regeneration is seen, but the regeneration rates are much higher and faster for anyone eating a raw food diet. Although Gymnema Sylvestre leaves can be purchased in a dried form from many herb vendors, I recommend taking it in capsule form or emptying the capsule(s) into your morning smoothie. Typical dosage is 400-1200 mg/day.
  • Jerusalem Artichoke (aka “Sunchoke”): A type of sunflower that is very common in the Southwestern US. Is an insulin imitator and its high fiber content slows the body’s absorption of glucose. Jerusalem Artichokes are the roots of the plant and look kind of like Ginger roots. They have a light, almost sweet taste that reminds me of water chestnuts, and have a really nice light and crunchy texture. They work great in smoothies but can be hard to get broken down in a traditional blender. A Vita-Mix handles them without problem.
  • Lemon and Lime Juices: Contain acetic acid (see above) which delays the glycemic effects of carbohydrates.
  • Nopal Cactus (aka “Prickly Pear Cactus”): Nopal has a long history and tradition for use in addressing Diabetes issues. Nopal’s high fiber content delays the body’s absorption of glucose. Nopal also increases insulin sensitivity, is an insulin imitator, and may help regenerate pancreatic beta cells over time. The pads of the Nopal are typically used, although the fruits may also be helpful. You can typically find Nopal pads in Hispanic or international groceries. To use, scrape the thorns off with a knife, then dice to add to a smoothie. This is another food I use on a daily basis, so I know it works!!
  • Nuts (especially Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts): High in Omega 3’s and other essential fatty acids. The healthy fats in nuts help delay the body’s absorption of glucose.
  • Spirulina: High in Magnesium, protein (which helps keep blood sugars stable), and essential fatty acids. One more reason it’s a superfood!
  • Stevia: Is not only the perfect sweetener for diabetics, but is also very high in Chromium and therefore supports the pancreas, too. It’s perfect!

Missing from this list is the “infamous” Bitter Melon, which looks like a leprous Cucumber and is a powerful insulin imitator. I spent a few days experimenting with Bitter Melon a while back and learned very quickly why they call it “bitter.” I couldn’t find any combination of vegetables or spices that covered the bitterness. Apparently the only way to get rid of the bitterness is to cook it, which simply wasn’t an option. I had half of a Bitter Melon left when I was done experimenting. I can’t stand to throw “good” food away, so I gave it to our dogs. (Please don’t report me to the ASPCA!) They wouldn't touch it and appeared rather suspicious of me for the rest of the day. This one’s best taken in capsules.

Following are a few easy-to-make, delicious smoothies that incorporate some of the above foods and supplements. I didn’t include instructions because I know you’re already proficient in the fine art of throwing ingredients into a Vita-Mix and turning it on. *grin* Please note that Stevia (to taste) is an optional ingredient in all of these smoothies if you like a sweeter taste.

Sugar Buster Smoothie

1 ounce Aloe Vera Juice (or 2 tablespoons fresh gel from leaf)
1 cup Purified Water or Unsweetened Nut Milk
1 Avocado
3 diced Jerusalem Artichokes
1 Cucumber
1 Nopal pad, diced
2 tablespoons cup Ground Flax or Hemp Seeds
2 teaspoons Cinnamon
½ teaspoon Coriander

Lemon Aid Ginger Smoothie

3 tablespoons – ½ cup Lemon or Lime Juice (add more if you like extra pucker power)
1 cup Unsweetened Hemp Milk
1 Avocado
½ teaspoon Fresh Ginger Root (¼ teaspoon dried)
1 Sweet Orange Pepper, diced
1 Sweet Red Pepper, diced
1 handful Fenugreek Sprouts
1 Nopal Pad, diced
Stevia to taste

Mega-Green Smoothie

¼ cup Spirulina Powder
1 handful Fenugreek Sprouts
1 Avocado
1 oz Aloe Vera Juice (or 2 tablespoons fresh gel from leaf)
1 cup Purified Water
4 Jerusalem Artichoke Bulbs, diced
2 Nopal pads, diced
1 Cucumber

Thanks again for Tami for allowing me to guest blog! Have a glorious day and go live abundantly!

Please feel free to contact me via any of the following:

My website: Good Works Wellness Research, LLC

Twitter: RawHealer

I'm very exciting to announce that in April I will be launching a 30-day "Rawvolutionary Healing" Living Foods Coaching program specifically designed for diabetics and others on Phase 1 of the Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine program. Please contact me if you'd like to receive updates on this program.

I'm also very excited to announce that I will be a speaker at Raw Spirit Fest in Prescott, Arizona. Raw Spirit Fests are two to three day festivals that celebrate every aspect of the raw food lifestyle. Please check out the website and come join me!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry for Being Incommunicado!

I owe everyone a huge apology for being MIA for almost two weeks. I do apologize! This has obviously been a very busy time. Most of my activities these days are related to spreading the message of the healing properties of raw foods. I LOVE spending my days helping others find renewed health!! Following is some of what I've been up to:
  • On St. Patrick's Day, I had the privilege of speaking to the Indianapolis Office of Customs and Border Patrol on the environmental impacts of natural living. This was one of those opportunities that fell into my lap out of nowhere, and I am truly grateful it did. I had a great time sharing all the different ways our choices affect and impact the environment. It was so much fun! While there, I got to meet Renee, one of the founders of the Indy Green Piece organization. Indy Green Piece sends weekly emails sharing tips for living green and protecting the environment. You can view their website and sign up for their emails at I highly recommend them!
  • I am honored and privileged to have recently been a guest blogger on two different blogs:

    Tami Groth's "Green Smoothie" blog:


    Duong Sheahan's "Healthy Beauty Secrets" blog:

    My thanks go out to each of those very special women for including me in their blogs. Follow their blogs to be regularly blessed with important and inspiring information!
  • On March 19th I taught my favorite class, "The Raw Truth: Foundations of the Living Foods Lifestyle" at Georgetown Market in Indy. The participant group was incredible! They had many fantastic questions and it was obvious every person there was serious about going raw. It was amazing! Unfortunately, we kept the poor staff of Georgetown Market there far past quitting time. My thanks and apologies go out to Andrew & Crystal who had to stick around for so long. I'm repeating this class (and finishing much earlier!) on Thursday, March 26th, because the first class filled so quickly. I am blown away at how many people are interested in raw foods in Indy and hope to see the raw food movement really take off here!!
  • As you probably know. my biggest passion is helping those with Diabetes make the switch to the living foods lifestyle so that they can reverse or better control their Diabetes. As part of those efforts, I am very active in the "Reverse Diabetes Naturally" forum at The forum is open to diabetics and supporters. Please come join us!
  • In the midst of everything else, I continue to see private clients and to work as a consultant at Georgetown Market. I'm incredibly thankful to be surrounded by an amazing group of positive, inspiring people on a daily basis.
  • I've also been working very hard on my new book, my 30-Day Rawvolutionary Healing Coaching Program that will launch in April, and on a multitude of other raw projects. As the saying goes, "no rest for the wicked!" LOL

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions! Have a blessed day and go live abundantly!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Raw Emotion Detoxification

I chose this blog topic because so many people get blindsided by the raw emotions that appear while transitioning to a living foods lifestyle. I'm frequently contacted by dear people who are shocked by unexpected negative emotions that interfere with the joy and peace that raw foods brought them. Be aware that you may experience an emotional and spiritual detoxification process very similar to the detox your physical body experienced.

As we continue incorporating higher levels of raw foods into our diets and continue eliminating toxic foods and habits, it is perfectly normal for "stuffed" emotions to surface. These negative emotions tend to catch us by surprise because they are typically emotions or habits that we chose to ignore or deny long ago. Although we were able to effectively avoid dealing with those uncomfortable emotions by stuffing them to a deeper level of consciousness, those emotions are still present in our emotional life and must be addressed so that we can move on in freedom. The emotional detoxification process is part of the joyous journey of the living foods lifestyle. Some people experience very little emotional detox, while others go through intense periods of soul searching and emotional healing. Remember that your personal journey will be perfect and unique.

Negative emotions that may surface could include bitterness, unforgiveness, frustration, anger, resentment, jealousy, feelings of worthlessness, etc. These emotions are poison to your emotional and physical health. Be ready for these old emotions to rear their ugly heads. As you increase the levels of healthy, raw foods in your diet, your brain will begin to "clean house" and you will gain mental and spiritual clarity that you may never have experienced before. Part of the cleansing process will include a cleansing of any toxic emotions that are impacting your physical and spiritual health. This cleansing is a beautiful, wonderful thing, but may not always be comfortable. All cleansing is good, so welcome and embrace any opportunities you receive to clean out musty thoughts and emotions that have been buried in the attic of your mind.

Give yourself permission to recognize old emotional baggage and to release it. Prayerfully ask God to reveal old emotional baggage and to help you address and release them. When negative emotions surface, try to determine where they came from. Ask yourself where the emotion came from and why you're holding onto it. Do you need to forgive someone who hurt you? Do you need to learn to be content? Take time to work through these issues. Find a friend who will lovingly help you talk through these issues. If you have deep issues from past hurts or abuse, find a professional counselor to help you work through the issues and find freedom.

Most of all, make every effort to take those negative thoughts into captivity and to replace them with new, healthy thought patterns and habits. When negative emotions surface, focus on scripture verses, positive affirmations, encouraging quotes, etc., to move away from the negativity and into peace. Celebrate your successes and learn from times of struggle. Each moment is precious. Live life abundantly and always seek to move forward! I welcome your comments. Please let me know how I can be praying for and with you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reaping a Harvest from Fruitless Smoothies

Hi, all. This post is very, very old but still contains great information. Please visit my new site to view much more information on natural healing:

Greetings!! This blog post is specifically for anyone out there who is seeking extreme healing  and is therefore strictly adhering to Phase 1 of Gabriel Cousen's Rainbow Green Life Food Cuisine program. This post also contains valuable info for anyone who is trying to cut back on sugar and fruit to help fight Candida or blood sugar issues. Dr. Cousens' research has proven that greater healing and wellness occurs when folks eat minimal amounts of fruits and high-glycemic vegetables and limit their intake of mycotoxic foods. Mycotoxic foods are foods that contribute to Candida (yeast) overgrowth, cause acidic pH levels, and/or cause toxic poisons to develop in the bloodstream. Examples of mycotoxic foods include mushrooms, vinegar, etc. For my buddies with Diabetes, Dr. Cousens also describes Phase 1 in his book, There is a Cure for Diabetes. (I apologize for the spacing issues in this post. I've adjusted the HTML multiple times and am still having issues. I do apologize.)
So what does no fruit mean for those who rely on smoothies as a staple of their diet? It means you have ample opportunity to exercise creativity while creating delicious new recipes!! It IS possible to make creamy, great tasting smoothies without using fruit. My breakfast every morning is a delicious, all-vegetable, green smoothie that sticks to the Phase 1 guidelines. There are some days when I choose to have smoothies for all three meals so that my body needs less energy for digestion and can use that energy for additional healing. My daily smoothies not only provide huge amounts of energy, but also keep me feeling full until my next meal and beyond. Starting my day with any other food would be a tough adjustment for me. I've come to look forward to each day's new creation or to relish the chance to have old stand-bys that I've come to love.
Following are some guidelines you can use as a basis for creating wonderful fruit-free smoothies:
  • Use sweet fruits such as yellow and red peppers, tomatoes, etc., to add natural sweetness to smoothies
  • Add Avocado to make smoothies creamy and thick
  • Use Stevia as a sweetener if needed
  • Use neutral tasting veggies such as cucumbers and zucchini to add bulk to smoothies without adding a lot of taste
  • Add dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, etc., to increase the nutritional content of smoothies
  • Use liquids such as the leftover soak water from sundried tomatoes or nuts, unsweetened nut or seed milks, or vegetable juices to add flavor, sweetness, and additional nutrition to smoothies
  • Strategically add ingredients such as protein powders, green powders, superfoods including seaweeds, powdered greens, maca, raw cacao powder and others to add unique flavor and increase the nutritional content of smoothies.
Using those guidelines, you can create a multitude of uniquely delicious and nutritional smoothies. Your options are limitless! Please feel free to share your recipes. 
Following are a few smoothie recipes I enjoy. Please let me know what you think of them!

Vitamineralicious Smoothie Delight


1 Avocado, diced
1 Cucumber, diced
1 scoop Hemp Protein Powder
1 Tomato
1 Handful Kale or Spinach
1 tablespoon Organic Lemon Juice
1 Serving Trace Minerals or Green Superfood Powder
1 cup Raw Unsweetened Nut Milk
1/2 - 1 cup Purified Water (adjust amount to achieve desired thickness)
Stevia to taste (optional)

Place ingredients in blender or VitaMix and blend well. Garnish with a few nut shavings if desired.

Red Light District Smoothie


1 diced Tomatoes
1 diced Sweet Red Pepper
1-2 cup(s) Sun Dried Tomato Soak Water, purified water or organic tomato juice (adjust amount to achieve desired thickness)
1 Handful Red Leaf Lettuce
1 teaspoon organic Cinnamon
1 Avocado (optional)
to taste (optional)

Place ingredients in blender or VitaMix and blend well. Garnish with additional cinnamon.

Mock Raw Diabetic Chocolate Shake


1 Avocado, diced
1/2 cup Raw Cacao Powder*
1-2 cup(s) Raw Unsweetened Nut Milk
to taste

Place ingredients in blender or VitaMix and blend well. Garnish with a sprinkling of raw cacao powder.
* I don't recommend using raw cacao powder in excessive amounts, as it can be stimulating to some people. As an occasional treat, it is a great addition to smoothies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Simply Raw Video

Hi, all! I want to share some exciting news. Some of you may have heard about the raw food film "Raw for 30 Days" that has been in production for the last three years. I'm excited to let you know that the film, "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days," is here and it's an amazing film! It's very well produced and tells a story that's hard to resist.

You can view the trailer at:

The film features experts such as David Wolfe, Dr. Gabriel Cousins, Tony Robbins and many others. It is a MUST SEE, especially for anyone who is diabetic, pre-diabetic, or loves someone with diabetes.

The film follows six diabetics who get away from it all to spend 30 days going through a 30 day raw food cleanse. The results are hard to believe. You can purchase the video at Please consider purchasing this video to share with others. Let's get the word out that there IS a cure for diabetes. You can also purchase a video called "Raw for Life: The Complete Encyclopedia of the Rawfood Lifestyle" from the same link. It's an essential teaching tool for anyone just starting the raw food lifestyle.

I've been blessed to speak at two different showings of the movies. Each time, it was obvious that everyone on the crowd, diabetic or not, was deeply touched by what they saw. I am now doing everything I can to share this video with everyone I know. The life-changing potential of this video is huge. Please share this message with others. Have a blessed day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Personal Rawvolution

Sorry for the length of this post. I needed to do it to bring family and friends up to date. I promise that future posts will be more condensed. Get a big raw snack before diving in ...

As some of you know, I took a dietary adventure that began a year ago to a new level on January 1st. Because many of you have contacted me with concerns that I’d either grown a second head or lost the one I have, I thought I’d take time to share information about my new lifestyle, why I chose it, how it works, the scientific support, etc. In a nutshell, on January 1st I began eating a 100% raw, vegan diet. My diet consists of raw vegetables, fruits nuts and seeds. My reasons for adopting this lifestyle were partly spiritual and partly because I was seeking healing from diabetes and other health concerns.

Eight years ago, I was mostly bedridden and was on 16 different prescription medications. Through God’s grace, mercy and healing, my illnesses, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypertension, Insomnia, Depression, extreme food and environmental allergies, and potential Multiple Sclerosis (I was diagnosed three times), were completely healed through the use of herbs, moderate dietary changes, and natural supplements. However, I still had to take insulin for Diabetes (I was diagnosed at the age of 2), and a natural prescription for Hypothyroidism because my Thyroid gland completely died in 1994. I believe with all my heart that God does not desire us to be sick and that He created our bodies to heal themselves. After all, when you get a paper cut, you trust your body to heal itself and probably don’t bother doing much to it. Doesn’t it make sense that our all-powerful God designed us so that all our health issues heal the same way? I’ve spent several years studying healing in the Bible and believe that God DOES desire us to be healthy. I also believe He wants to heal all illnesses, but that our personal lifestyle choices prevent or even reverse His perfect healing.

I first heard of the raw food lifestyle several years ago from a man who had experienced miraculous healing from Congestive Heart Failure, debilitating anxiety attacks, Eczema, and many other health conditions. Although I was amazed at the healing he shared, I have to admit that I dismissed him as a total lunatic and complete fanatic. In the months that followed, God bombarded me with new information about the raw food lifestyle. I did some preliminary research and decided to "go raw" about a year ago. I failed miserably because I wasn’t adequately prepared mentally, hadn’t prayed about it enough, and hadn’t done enough research. I stayed about 50% raw and 50% Standard American Diet (SAD). Although I was continually experiencing improved health from the use of supplements and wiser food choices, my body was still plagued by hypothyroidism and diabetes. Convinced that my food choices were preventing God from healing me, I began researching raw foods in much more depth. I later received a link to a movie called, “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.” The movie follows six diabetics who go raw for 30 days. Every one of them (minus one who drops out) is able to be off insulin and all other prescription medications at the end of the 30 days. They also lose a considerable amount of weight and have truly miraculous healing from a variety of health ailments. Watching the video was a very emotional experience for me. I decided this was the answer I’d been seeking. I decided to be a total glutton during the holidays—which I did very successfully—and to go 100% raw on January 1st.

On January 1st I started a six-day juice fast and wound up I extending it to eight days to ensure a thorough detox. I'll spare you the gory details, but my body got rid of a lot of toxins during my juice fast. My skin was a mess, I was frequently dizzy, and my digestive system was working overtime. I was so excited to know that my body was beginning the healing process! Since then I’ve been 100% raw. I don’t eat anything cooked and I’m not starving. I also don't' eat any meat, eggs, dairy, or wheat in any form. My diet consists of veggies of every color, lots of leafy greens, and small amounts of raw, soaked nuts and seeds. I won't eat fruits 'til I've been off insulin for at least six months. I also fast one day per week. I use my dehydrator to make raw breads and crackers and have a supply of sprouted grasses and grains going at all times. I actually eat a wider variety of foods now than I did when I ate the SAD (standard American diet). It's so delicious! I’m consuming FAR more vitamins and minerals through this diet and no longer need to take handfuls of supplements.

Since going raw, I’ve experienced the following healing:

-My insulin usage has dropped from 70 units/day to around 10-15 units per day. It also only takes about half as much insulin to correct a high blood sugar (which almost never happen now) or counteract carbs I eat (which are very few). This means my pancreas is producing insulin on its own, which is miraculous after 42 years of diabetes! Praise God!!

-My Thyroid gland has completely regenerated itself and I no longer need to take the natural prescription medication I was on

-My blood pressure consistently stays around 90/70

-My resting heart rate has dropped 25 beats per minute, which means my heart will beat 13 MILLION fewer times this year than it did last year

-Frozen shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) in both shoulders has completely disappeared

- Tendon damage in both thumbs which the docs said was permanent and couldn't be “fixed” is completely gone; I no longer have pain or limited range of movement

-My total cholesterol is 100, and my LDL (the one you want really low), is 40 … almost nonexistent

-I only need about six hours of sleep per night to feel rested

-My mental clarity is sharper than it’s been for many years

In summary, I feel FANTASTIC!! Although I actually tried not to lose weight, I’ve lost about 12 pounds since going 100% raw. My body will reach its perfect weight on this diet, so I’m not concerning myself with weight loss or gain. My husband, Terry, has seen such dramatic changes in my health that he has gone raw! He's already seeing amazing improvements in his health and can fit into jeans that he hasn't been able to wear for several years. We both feel such a passion for helping others find health that we are devoting ourselves to teaching and coaching others about the Living Foods Lifestyle.

Ok … I know you’re wondering how I get enough protein, right? That’s everyone’s first question. The answer is that: 1) Americans eat FAR more protein than we need. The ideal amount of protein is about 1/3 our body weight in grams of protein per day, or your body times .36. Most of us eat three times that amount. Eating excess protein puts a huge burden on our kidneys which can lead to kidney damage when combined with hypertension and other health issues. 2) Vegetables have far more protein in them than you’d realize, but those proteins are destroyed during the cooking process. I eat such a broad variety of vegetables every day that I do not need to worry about getting sufficient protein. 3) I eat plenty of nuts and seeds and at least one avocado per day to ensure I get enough protein. I’m NOT anemic and I’m not losing muscle mass. I’m healthier than I’ve been in years!

Why does a raw food diet allow the body to heal? Mainly because it eliminates toxins and poisons from the body and allows the body to cleanse and detoxify itself. The SAD (standard American diet) bombards our bodies with toxins and poisons that sap the body of energy and create pollution in our cells. The body becomes so bogged down by these toxins that it ceases to function the way God intends it to. Raw foods cleanse the body in a way that allows it to return to the health God wants us to have. Raw foods also provide live enzymes. Every chemical reaction in the body is initiated by or requires enzymes. Recent studies have proven that our bodies have a limited supply of lifetime enzymes and that most of us become enzyme-depleted around age 40. Eating cooked food requires our body to provide extra enzymes for digestion, thus depleting the body’s store of enzymes. When we eat raw, live food that’s loaded with natural enzymes, our body can use the enzymes it would have used for digestion to heal and regenerate areas of the body that need it. Finally, eating a raw food diet provides an almost complete array of vitamins and minerals that our body requires to function and to heal itself of the damage caused by daily living. These reasons are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining the physiological reasons that raw foods allow the body to heal. There are many others, and over 100 years of scientific studies exist that prove a raw food lifestyle is far healthier than what we have come to consider "normal." Please contact me if you'd like more information about those studies.

One final, although most important, reason for going raw is that it is the diet God originally intended us to eat. In Genesis 1:29, God told Adam and Eve: "Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.” (TLB) Although we might wish God had built KFCs and Taco Bells in the Garden, He instead gave Adam and Eve a purely vegetarian, vegan diet. It stands to reason that Adam and Eve ate their food raw since there would have been no reason to cook it. God did not give man permission to eat meat until he opened the Ark after the flood, and then did so only because there wasn’t enough plant life to sustain Noah and his family. God “coincidentally” shortened man’s lifespan from over 900 years to around 125 years at the same time He gave permission to eat meat. Coincidence? I think not.

In conclusion, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this diet is allowing God to heal me in ways He hasn’t been able to before. Words truly can’t describe how wonderful I feel. My research has revealed testimony after testimony of people who were healed of cancer, AIDS, arthritis, heart problems, Multiple Sclerosis, obesity, diabetes, psoriasis and eczema, and many other health issues after adopting the raw food lifestyle. I'm in for life! God bless!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Double-Duty Mousse or Dip

Ok ... I lied. Here's my second post and it's only been a few hours. This recipe was a complete accident. I threw a few things into the food processor and was amazed at the result. This makes a delightfully fluffy and light mousse with a wide variety of uses. I spiced up half and used it as veggie dip, and added Stevia to the other half and had it as a low-glycemic pudding/mousse. The color is divine and it's delicious!

Serves: 1 -- Recipe may be increased as needed


1/2 Avocado
2 TBS Raw Tahini
2-4 TBS Purified Water

To flavor, add your choice of (measurements are recommendations; add flavorings to taste):

- 1 TBS spices (Italian blend, garlic & onion, cayenne & cumin, curry, etc.)
- 1/4 cup chopped spinach plus 2 TBS chives
- 1 chopped Roma tomato plus 1 tsp chopped garlic
- Stevia to taste
- 1 tsp raw cacao powder plus Stevia to taste
- 1 tsp raw Agave nectar or honey
- 1/4 banana or small amounts of any raw fruit


Cut avocado into pieces. Place all ingredients plus desired flavorings into food processor, process until light and fluffy. You can add more or less water to adjust the consistency.

Serve with veggies as a dip, use as a raw mayonnaise on raw breads and crackers, or serve as a dessert. Let your imagination run wild! Have fun with it!

First Post ... Here Goes Nothin'!

Hi, all! Welcome to my blog! In the upcoming weeks, I'll be sharing information about what it means to "go raw." I intend to be a wife and mom first, so posts on weekends will be sparse. Look forward to more detailed posts starting Monday, February 9. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or with topics you'd like to see me cover!

For today, I thought I'd simply introduce myself. My name is Pamela Reilly. I live in Indianapolis with the world's best hubby and four fantastic kids. (The kids are all teenagers. Pray for me!) I'm in private practice as a Naturopath and have a burning passion to coach and counsel people to achieve the wellness God intends for them. I also have a passion for helping women find wholeness and peace in their lives by growing in their relationship with Christ.

I'll share more about my health journey later, but for now I'll share that I've had diabetes for over 42 years. I adopted a 100% raw food lifestyle seven weeks ago. I also went raw six months ago, but wasn't prepared emotionally for the change. I stayed raw for a couple months but then returned to the Standard American Diet (SAD). And SAD it is! To go raw this time, I spent several months doing extensive research. I not only researched the scientific and physiological studies that have been done on the raw food diet, but also spent time researching the emotional and social challenges that come with the raw food lifestyle.

I LOVE being raw! I'll share more tomorrow about the healing benefits I've experienced in only seven weeks, but will share that I feel fantastic and have had multiple conditions completely heal. I praise God for His perfect healing!

Sorry for the dullness of today's post. I promise future posts will be more fun! Have a blessed day!