Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Post ... Here Goes Nothin'!

Hi, all! Welcome to my blog! In the upcoming weeks, I'll be sharing information about what it means to "go raw." I intend to be a wife and mom first, so posts on weekends will be sparse. Look forward to more detailed posts starting Monday, February 9. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or with topics you'd like to see me cover!

For today, I thought I'd simply introduce myself. My name is Pamela Reilly. I live in Indianapolis with the world's best hubby and four fantastic kids. (The kids are all teenagers. Pray for me!) I'm in private practice as a Naturopath and have a burning passion to coach and counsel people to achieve the wellness God intends for them. I also have a passion for helping women find wholeness and peace in their lives by growing in their relationship with Christ.

I'll share more about my health journey later, but for now I'll share that I've had diabetes for over 42 years. I adopted a 100% raw food lifestyle seven weeks ago. I also went raw six months ago, but wasn't prepared emotionally for the change. I stayed raw for a couple months but then returned to the Standard American Diet (SAD). And SAD it is! To go raw this time, I spent several months doing extensive research. I not only researched the scientific and physiological studies that have been done on the raw food diet, but also spent time researching the emotional and social challenges that come with the raw food lifestyle.

I LOVE being raw! I'll share more tomorrow about the healing benefits I've experienced in only seven weeks, but will share that I feel fantastic and have had multiple conditions completely heal. I praise God for His perfect healing!

Sorry for the dullness of today's post. I promise future posts will be more fun! Have a blessed day!

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