Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry for Being Incommunicado!

I owe everyone a huge apology for being MIA for almost two weeks. I do apologize! This has obviously been a very busy time. Most of my activities these days are related to spreading the message of the healing properties of raw foods. I LOVE spending my days helping others find renewed health!! Following is some of what I've been up to:
  • On St. Patrick's Day, I had the privilege of speaking to the Indianapolis Office of Customs and Border Patrol on the environmental impacts of natural living. This was one of those opportunities that fell into my lap out of nowhere, and I am truly grateful it did. I had a great time sharing all the different ways our choices affect and impact the environment. It was so much fun! While there, I got to meet Renee, one of the founders of the Indy Green Piece organization. Indy Green Piece sends weekly emails sharing tips for living green and protecting the environment. You can view their website and sign up for their emails at I highly recommend them!
  • I am honored and privileged to have recently been a guest blogger on two different blogs:

    Tami Groth's "Green Smoothie" blog:


    Duong Sheahan's "Healthy Beauty Secrets" blog:

    My thanks go out to each of those very special women for including me in their blogs. Follow their blogs to be regularly blessed with important and inspiring information!
  • On March 19th I taught my favorite class, "The Raw Truth: Foundations of the Living Foods Lifestyle" at Georgetown Market in Indy. The participant group was incredible! They had many fantastic questions and it was obvious every person there was serious about going raw. It was amazing! Unfortunately, we kept the poor staff of Georgetown Market there far past quitting time. My thanks and apologies go out to Andrew & Crystal who had to stick around for so long. I'm repeating this class (and finishing much earlier!) on Thursday, March 26th, because the first class filled so quickly. I am blown away at how many people are interested in raw foods in Indy and hope to see the raw food movement really take off here!!
  • As you probably know. my biggest passion is helping those with Diabetes make the switch to the living foods lifestyle so that they can reverse or better control their Diabetes. As part of those efforts, I am very active in the "Reverse Diabetes Naturally" forum at The forum is open to diabetics and supporters. Please come join us!
  • In the midst of everything else, I continue to see private clients and to work as a consultant at Georgetown Market. I'm incredibly thankful to be surrounded by an amazing group of positive, inspiring people on a daily basis.
  • I've also been working very hard on my new book, my 30-Day Rawvolutionary Healing Coaching Program that will launch in April, and on a multitude of other raw projects. As the saying goes, "no rest for the wicked!" LOL

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions! Have a blessed day and go live abundantly!

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