Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Be the World's Worst Patient

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  1. I enjoyed this post a lot. So much of it resonated with me, especially "mention another doctor"! Thanks!

  2. Thanks, ladies! It truly saddens me that so many find this so true. So thankful for the doctors who "get it" and are creating change.

  3. "You want a second opinion? Okay, you're ugly too..."

    LOVE THIS!!!!! So true...

  4. Love it I totally agree!!

  5. I have been fired recently by a doctor because I didn't want to take the prescriptions offered for my condition. Now mind you that two previous doctors (I had recently moved to this state) felt I shouldn't take these types of medications due to having two types of thyroid cancers. He told me if I didn't want the medications he saw no reason for me to see him. Like Duh....are you kidding me. I have a chronic condition that needs monitoring at the least and I do take medications that should also be monitored for my conditions. I loved this just made me smile because I could soooo relate.

  6. I almost hate to share this it's so bad, but here goes. When I was really young my father became very sick and lost feeling in his hands. He was in the National guard so he had to go to the hospital @ Ft. Knox. The Dr. he saw not only misdiagnosed him, but used his rank to intimidate my dad not to question him. He even ordered him not to return for that problem. When he became ill again months later, and had to be helped to even walk there by my mom and pastor, the same Dr. began screaming at him until my mom intervened. He still went undiagnosed and unhelped. We finally learned, after his death from a massive heart attack, that he was diabetic and had heart disease.

    1. In my opinion, that doctor should have lost his license. Or, at a minimum, been monitored closely for a year.

  7. I can so relate to this post. When I was looking for a diagnosis for what would eventually be Systemic lupus, I had at least two doctors that made me quite uncomfortable because of their willingness to whip out a prescription pad and medicate every single symptom/ache I had. I was dealing with a lot of different symptoms, but am the type that I don't like to dull pain/sensation, because I like to know what what my body is telling me and the severity/urgency of an ailment. There was one doc in particular who was so patronizing when I mentioned not taking so much medicine and it was really a dis-empowering relationship. However, I am actually glad for those experiences, as it spurred me to really do my own research and take charge of my health and recovery. I eventually ended up firing that doc and working with a more holistic team and methods, which made a world of difference. Those experiences have really fueled my desire to help other as well.

    Thanks for all you do!


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