Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stop Being SAD NOW

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You know it's coming ... that time of year when you just feel down, have no energy, and would be perfectly happy hibernating until spring. The winter blues aren't just in your head...

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  1. My wife manages SAD through use of a Go light daily (first thing every morning), vitamin supplements, and getting out and participating in winter activities. Thanks for the exercise tip - it makes sense as well.

  2. Sounds like she's doing all the right things! Good for her!! Thanks for commenting!

  3. My SAD season generally begins at the end of August or beginning of September. I start a regimen at that time each year and it's the only thing that helps thrive during the winter:
    1) I cut back on simple carbs (except on Thanksgiving and Christmas days). I've noticed I feel worse if I give into my increased carb craving with simple carbs. I opt for more beans during the SAD season which are a slow release carb. If I'm craving sugar real bad I eat fruit or dried fruit (I use unsulfered dried fruit, the other gives me a headache). I've read studies that say the quick burst of serotonin one gets from eating simple carbs quickly drops leaving a person wanting more and feeling worse, like an addiction, and this has proven true for me through my personal experience.
    2) Exercise is definitely a big help for me, especially hiking, even if it's in the snow. (Of course I bundle up in lots of warm clothes). Last year I bought a small indoor trampoline which is a lot of fun and I can use while I'm watching tv. I also use a treadmill at the gym and listen to music or read while walking then I reward myself with pool and sauna time. Yoga helps a lot, too.
    3) In addition to a daily multi-vitamin, I take St. John's Wort and vitamin B-50 complex every day. This year I've also add a vitamin D although I'm not going to take more than 1000mg until I get my vitamin D tested as I have a lot of fat cells and vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin.
    4) I use full spectrum, >5000 kelvin light bulbs in key areas of my house like my master bath. I'm in there every morning for about a half hour. Plus in the deepest part of winter I also use one of those light bulbs in a spotlight lamp which I direct on to myself when I sit and read at night. I usually turn the heat up a little, put on a tank top and let it hit my back and shoulders.


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