Monday, June 6, 2011

Shining Light on the Truth About Sun Exposure

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One of the greatest myths perpetuated by 20th Century marketing scams is the belief that sun exposure is harmful and causes skin cancer. This myth has perpetuated a lack of Vitamin D in this country and may even be INCREASING the incidence of skin cancer due to certain chemicals contained in sunscreen. Let's look at the truth ...


  1. Even for some skin problems a constant sun exposure is a therapy, it's the case in psoriatic patients, my father skin looks better after spend time under the sun!! / last year I used less sunscreen in my little son if I knew I was just to spend a few time exposed, and also there are certain points to focus like face and shoulders and NOT put sunscreen in entirely body, I think is not needed. Good article!

  2. Great article! This has been my gut feeling for many years, and I'm glad to have someone back it up with facts. I always feel better when I've had some sun, and I've always felt that the chemicals in sunscreen were much more harmful than the sun itself. I have a friend who is seldom in the sun and had a severe case of melanoma. Thankfully she survived, but only after a very invasive surgery.


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