Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ending Allergies Forever (No ... really!)

One of the most common complaints I hear right now is that everyone is miserable with allergies. I used to suffer with allergies and KNOW how awful it is to feel that exhaustion, congestion and frustration. The problem with allergies is that the increased mucous and inflammation in the nasal cavities and lungs are true breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. The constant battle against the allergens also depletes the immune system, further weakening an already weak body. Many people with nasal allergies develop secondary viral or bacterial infections that knock them down even further.

In addition to daily use of a Neti Pot, keeping windows closed, or even wearing a mask while outdoors, there are natural products that can eliminate symptoms and even reverse the allergy. A list of natural remedies follows:

- Treating the symptoms: My favorite tool for combating allergies quickly and efficiently is to use a natural combination of Quercetin, Stinging Nettles (they don't sting, I promise), Bromelain and N-Acetyl Cysteine.These natural ingredients not only reduce and eliminate the congestion and inflammation that makes us miserable, but also STOP the allergic reaction. How? These ingredients strengthen cell walls and prevent the release of histamines from what are called Mast Cells. The mast cells are responsible for the allergic misery many people know so well. Stopping the release of histamines stops the allergic reaction and prevents the misery. My favorite combination of these ingredients is called D-Hist. D-Hist not only works amazingly well, it works FAST, often within 30 minutes. Follow the instructions on the bottle and use a loading dose before backing down to a maintenance dose. D-Hist is also available in a Jr. version ( You can order D-Hist online at or can find it in most healthfood stores. You can also order the adult and junior version online at

- Combat the auto-immune reaction: There is a wide variety of homeopathic remedies formulated for specific allergies. These remedies come in versions that specifically target allergies to tree pollen, hayfever, flowers, molds, etc. Some are regional to target specific plants/antigens in your region. Homeopathy works by using an extremely tiny amount of all-natural products to stimulate the body to naturally heal itself or reverse a condition. Homeopathics are known to effectively lower the body's "attack" against allergens and thereby reduce and eliminate the symptoms. For people with extremely severe allergies, homeopathics combined with D-Hist are often a powerful combination to bring fast relief. Please contact a trained practitioner before selecting a homeopathic remedy. Many different factors need to be considered in selecting the correct remedy. In my practice, I use systematic EDS testing to ensure the correct remedy is used.

- Identify the food connection: I used to have horrific seasonal allergies, often spending months on antibiotics because of the chronic infection that resulted from the attack on my nasal passages. My doctors insisted there was not a food connection, but I insisted there was and found a holistic NP who ordered a food allergy test. Guess what? The test revealed multiple food sensitivities. Within two months of eliminating all the foods I was allergic to (and there were many), my nasal allergies completely disappeared. The bottom line is that my nasal problems weren't caused by seasonal allergens. My nasal passages were already inflamed from my food allergies and were merely worsened by the seasonal pollens and molds. Today seasons come and go my nasal passages show no change ... until I slip and eat something I shouldn't. In working with patients, I have found that many of them experienced the same "miraculous" disappearance of allergies once food allergens were eliminated. Food allergies often cause very mild symptoms that most people don't associate with a food sensitivity. Nasal congestion is just one of many possible reactions. Food allergies can be identified by a simple blood test that tests for over 375 different allergens, or can be identified by an elimination diet that eliminates the most common allergenic foods and then gradually adds them back while watching for symptoms. Even if you don't have any true food sensitivities, many people find their allergy symptoms diminish if they eliminate dairy. If your allergies are horrible, try eliminating all dairy and wheat products from your diet for two weeks. If you do this, let me know what changes you see.

Allergies make us miserable, but they CAN be combated! Some doctors in the US are trained on a European treatment that uses injections of highly-specialized amino acid combinations. These combinations help the body restore and balance the auto-immune system and often completely eliminate food and environmental allergies. I'm starting this treatment soon and am hopeful my food allergies will soon be gone.

If you are interested in receiving more information on seasonal allergies or in being tested to determine what remedies are best for you, please feel free to contact my office at 317.598.4325. Private consultations are available in person or over the phone.

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  1. Just found this post via your linked in ... Missed it last year but pretty timely tight now. I am so glad to verify that I smnot crazy when I testify thst my seasons, sllergies disappeared when I changed my diet!


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