Sunday, June 27, 2010

The best thing about blogs, they just keep going

Sorry for the random title. I used this title as a celebration of the fact that I met my blogging goal two whole weeks in a row. Woo hoo! (Lame, I know, but bear with me.) This will be a short post. Longer posts with much more in-depth information will follow.

To keep this blog going and grabbing your attention, I would like to ask you to share what topics interest you. Do you have health issues you'd like to see covered? Do you battle with bad eating habits? Are hormonal imbalances driving you crazy? Are you ready to conquer your thyroid gland? What information can I share that will bless and benefit you? Please let me know!

I have a long list of potential topics lined up, but want you meet your needs. Please share your thoughts! Thanks so much! Have a glorious day!

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